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Using ADP's Payroll WorkCenter, employers have a Web destination to facilitate payroll processes, and empower employees with self-directed administration services. Empowering employees to access and modify payroll-related information online 24x7, Payroll WorkCenter streamlines employee administrative processes and frees skilled payroll staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Payroll WorkCenter incorporates employee and administrator self-service solutions that address common payroll queries and updates such as viewing and printing paychecks. It is completely integrated with ProBusiness® Payroll and leverages pay information stored securely within ADP's firewall-protected database.

Payroll WorkCenter also supports paperless initiatives by removing paper from many time-consuming, multi-step processes, including paycheck delivery.

Accessing Payroll WorkCenter via secure connections from home or on-the-road, employees are empowered to:

  • View and print their paychecks - up to 3 years of pay history online
  • View and print W-2s
  • Change direct deposit designations
  • Verify Paid Time Off (PTO) balances 
  • Validate detail of time taken in previous pay periods
  • View a company calendar listing company events, holidays and pay dates
  • Authorize employment verification over the Web
  • Update W-4 tax withholding
  • Print state tax withholding forms